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Daniel Avery

"Mark and his wife Mandy are both true professionals that go above and beyond what I think any reasonable person would expect. We were a complicated client as we were moving from literally across the globe and have never stepped foot in Texas before. We knew nothing. We did not know where to live, the areas to avoid, the customs, prices, and everything in between. We would have our heart set on one thing in one area and "knew for sure" this is "exactly what we wanted" and then we would change. Not for being jerks, just that the more time we were here, the more we learned. And you know what? Never once did either Mark nor Mandy get flustered. We would change directions and they would happily and immediately adjust course and lead the way for us. We would change again, and again and yet again and never once was there ever an issue. It did not matter to them. The only thing that mattered was what was best for us and not for them. When our timeline became a bit tight and we had no choice but to move, rather than pushing us to settle on something - anything - they found us a good rental home so we could immerse ourselves in the market and really make the best decision. We ended up deciding to build which further pro-longed the process and just as we got started, we both had to go back overseas and the builder agreed to put everything on hold until we got back. This meant the reward Mark & Mandy had earned was to be delayed even longer...a full year from the time we started working with them. And guess what? It didn't matter. They both were just as kind and caring and helpful as they were from the very beginning. And never was it the case where we signed the contract to build and their job was done. They guided us along the way, even with our intensely complex mortgage issues, and were there for us during the design phase and throughout the entire process. When we encountered issues during the build, they were both all over it; sometimes like attack dogs, and other times like boy scouts, knowing expertly when the carrot would work better or.... We even encountered problems with our landlord and the landlords rep when we were moving out and Mark was there for weeks mediating everything, guiding us behind the scenes and making things happen for our benefit along multiple fronts. At one point, Mark was at the rental with his own video equipment recording every square inch of the house, inside and out, just in case matters had to escalate. Who else would do that? They are both very loyal and great, not good, but great people. Magnificent as a matter of fact and both of us are SINCERELY GRATEFUL knowing both Mark & Mandy and their wonderful family. Now I am not suggesting you put them through what we did, unintentionally of course, but you could. And what you will find are the very best people you could ever possibly hope to work with to buy or sell your home."

Pranav Patel

"I got interested in one of the properties listed by Mark. After meeting him & knowing him a little; it was clear to me that Mark understood my requirement and the whole situation behind it. I got interested in few properties; Mark did his duty of giving me the pros & cons of each one but then added his opinion to it like as a close friend - not worth it, has strings attached & more!! This helped me believe more in him as I was visiting from out of town. Most of the realtor after showing 5-10 properties or spending a day with you would simply say this is what we have to decide on but Mark went the whole nine yards to find what I was looking for. No doubt as realtor; he is very professional but he stands out among all by becoming a friend."

Shawn Beaman

"Mark was introduced to us by my mother-in-law with high praises. We had not used a professional realtor in the past but we were willing to try. First, we need to sell our house but didn't have high expectations because it was on the market for 380 days when we purchased it. Mark explained everything we needed to do to sell our home and walked us through the process step by step. We were under contract 4 days after listing and sold within 45 days. Mark also help us find our new dream home. Mark was awesome to work with; he answered all of our questions and showed us 50+ homes without braking his positive attitude and smile. Mark's character and professionalism not only earn him future business from us but a new friendship."

Paul Blake, MBA

"I met Mark while playing on a men's indoor soccer team. Mark eagerly stepped up and helped out a friend of mine that was moving from Lubbock and looking for a home to lease. Mark found a home and ensured everything went smoothly in securing a contract and getting them set up in there new home. Mark is a genuine person and a real estate professional you feel confident will find the home of your dreams and ensure your transaction is as smooth as possible. People I know that have worked with Mark as a realtor have become long time good friends with him. I attribute this to his great attitude and professionalism."

Maxine Fisher

"Mark is outstanding in my books, because when our company moved corporate from California to Texas we didn't want to take time to come out and look for a place to rent - we did this by email with Mark. We simply gave him a description of what we wanted, what we wanted to pay, etc., and he did the looking for us, negotiating and finalizing the paper work. When we arrived and saw the home for the first time, we couldn't have been more pleased. It was immaculate and beautiful and just what we wanted and just minutes from the office!"

Swan Rivers

"I have been knowing Mark for a little over five years now. He is very professional in field and he assisted in my search to find a home, the one i'm currently living in. I have developed a friendship with Mark and I can definitely validate his work as a realtor. I enjoyed working with Mark during my home search and i'm certain he treating his current customers the same way he treated me and my husband. Mark keeps us informed even when we aren't looking for a new home and I think that really makes him stand out."

Michael Peters

"Mark was very helpful in our purchasing of our current home. He showed us many houses, made helpful suggestions, but also didn't badger or pressure us while looking. Once we decided to build, he came to all of our meetings with the builder and made some very helpful suggestions such as lot placement and which street to choose to help avoid traffic based on street layout. Things I would not have thought to ask. He was always very responsive, professional and friendly."

Shawn Allender

"Mark sold my house in Frisco for the exact amount he said I should list it at. He's friendly and fun to talk to and amazingly quick to find any information I need. When I was thinking of moving back to Frisco, Mark looked at houses for me and typically had pictures of the house and thoughts to share with me within hours of me asking him about the house. He simply gets things done, and fast. And no pressure in any way. I wouldnt consider any other realtor if I moved back to Frisco!"

Heather Horinek

"Mark spent a lot of time helping us decide which area to live in during our relocation to Dallas. He was always available for questions or when we wanted new search parameters set up! He was so helpful and informative. He spent a lot of time showing us numerous houses and he always pointed out positive and negative features of the homes... Some that we never would have noticed. He is very experienced and a great resource! I definitely recommend him to everyone!"

Mark Farrington

"Mark was attentive to our needs and that of our father, he worked hard at getting us as many houses to view as he could find, while staying in our budget and specific needs, and went the extra mile when needed. I will use Mark again for our next purchase, and recommend him to others"

Hendri Meintjes

"Mark is truly a great realtor! He is very customer focused and makes himself easily available. He is knowledgeable with the areas he services and always shows up to meetings prepared. I also like the fact that he is not afraid to share his opinion about the properties and I never got the feeling that he's just trying to make the sale at any cost."

Monique Rice

"I ABSOLUTELY LOVED dealing with Mark Detrick. This was my first time looking for a home, and he was so helpful and patient with me. Even though I did not find a home this time around, I really appreciate his help and insight. I appreciate the knowledge that he was willing to share with me. I will definitely recommend him."

Desiree Robbins

"mark is a very personable and helpful realtor!! he is patient and makes sure every question is answered and every detail is in line."

Baltasar Estrada

"Mark and I have been friends since childhood, he has always been an upstanding individual, I would strongly recommend him for your real estate needs."

Bob Backus

"Very Professional and determined."

Trey Kincheloe

"Mark was outstanding to work with! He showed my wife and I several homes that were within our specifications and when we picked the one we wanted, he worked with us every step of the way to make sure the transaction was seamless."

John Cunningham

"Mark provided excellent, personalized service. I recommend him to anyone buying or selling a home."

John Cunningham

"Mark provided excellent, personalized service as my realtor. I would recommend him to anyone."

Phil Smith

"Mark is a man of strong character and integrity I would highly recommend him."

Christy Riley

"Mark Detrick has always been very helpful & knowledgeable. He has a "can do" attitude and works hard to provide his clients with the upmost service! TOP NOTCH in my book!"

Jose Sanpedro

"Mark was super friendly and helpful. We were first time buyers and every question we had he was able to answer. He was always there for us and we quickly found our perfect home!"

Jon Baldwin

"Mark is very honest and has a great work ethic! He is always looking out for your best interest is a pleasure to work with!"

Grant James

"Mark was a great broker! We found Justin through one of our friends, and he got us a great deal on our mortgage. He even referred us to some great renovators in the area.""

Steve Decker

"Mark is an individual of the highest quality. If you are looking to buy or sell a home, you should talk to Mark!"

Roy Rhodes

"Mark cares about his clients and does everything he can to help them wheither buying selling or leasing. He is the Ideal Realtor. ROY RHODES"

Mike Ramsey

"Mark was great. Our needs were really specific and Mark hung in there until we finally found our dream house. Great guy, and a great job Mark!"

Lendy Sullivan

"Mark and Mandy are wonderful people and do a great job! They helped us lease our house and super fast!"

Steve Patty

"Mark was easy to work with. He listened to what my wife and I needed and showed us houses based on those needs. I highly recommend Mark. He goes above and beyond."

Kelly Messick Baldwin

"Mark was absolutely wonderful to work with. He was always prompt to return calls. We knew we could count on him to get the job done."

Danielle Terribile

"We love woking with @[1084641801:2048:Mark Detrick]. He helped us find the perfect home to rent!"

Kelly Herrera

"Mark has a great eye for finding the right place for his clients."

Dean Disandro

"Go get 'em!"

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